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The professional risk managers guide to financial markets McGrow hill

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Dramatically Improve Risk Management in a Fluctuating Financial Market

The Professional Risk Managers' Guide to Financial Markets shows you step-by-step how risk management takes place in the context of the world's major financial markets, including the money, bond, foreign exchange, stock, futures, commodities, and energy markets.

Written and edited by an international team of financial leaders, this vital financial management reference arms you with the information needed to protect investments against the vagaries of each market. The Professional Risk Managers' Guide to Financial Markets features:

  • In-depth coverage of the money, bond, foreign exchange, stock, futures, commodities, and energy markets
  • Contributions by renowned market authorities from around the world
  • Guidance, strategies, and methods for managing risk across markets
  • Critical information on the new crop of financial instruments that involve multiple markets

About the Author

The Professional Risk Managers' International Association (PRMIA) is a higher standard for risk professionals with more than 50,000 members from over 180 countries. A non-profit, member-led association of professionals, PRMIA is dedicated to advancing the standards of the profession worldwide through the free exchange of ideas. PRMIA offers the only globally endorsed Professional Risk Manager (PRMTM) certification program, pursued by over 2,500 active candidates in more than 95 countries.

Carol Alexander is Professor of Risk Management and Director of Research at the ICMA Centre, UK and Chair of the Academic Advisory Council of PRMIA.

Elizabeth Sheedy is an Associate Professor at the Macquarie Applied Finance Centre in Sydney, Australia.

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